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Rules and Tips

Feeding the Animals The MondoStars

Having Newborn

The animals in your zoo can breed young.
These births are very important for the growth of your zoo.


In order to optimise the chances of your animals to breed offspring, you particularly need to pay attention to the following elements:


- The food you give them;
- The environment where they live;
- The care your employees provide for them.


Obviously, you will also need a couple of the same species in order to have young! ;)


Important note: The enclosures for rabbits and rodents will only provide baby animals that you can use exclusively for your Pet Shop. Therefore, you cannot sell babies from these enclosures to the WAF or the Black Market.


Advice: Don't put too many specimens of the same species in one enclosure. Overcrowding will be harmful to their well-being.

Feeding the Animals The MondoStars
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