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The Shops

You can open shops in your zoo.

Shops are a source of revenue one cannot ignore.


You will find three types of shops in your zoo:


- Shops without stock: the Pony Rides, the Mini-Circuit and the Phone Booths. You have nothing to do in these shops. Visitors buy tickets or calls and you receive a commission for each sale.


- Shops with stock: the Refreshment Bar, the Restaurant, the Ice Cream Shop and the Souvenirs Shop. In these shops, you will have to buy stocks regularly and rely on your shop assistant to negotiate and make profits.


- Shops for which you produce the stock yourself: the Honey Shop and the Pet Shop. Honey is automatically produced in beehives in accordance with the competence of your shop assistant. The animals in your Pet Shop will depend on the breeding of rabbits and little rodents in your zoo. With these shops you have 100% profit because you do not pay for the stocks - you produce them yourself!

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