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Free Zoo Game online

Rules and Tips

Selling and Buying Animals The Zones

The WAF Reputation

Depending on your actions, you get a good or a bad reputation with the WAF.

This reputation brings on you bad or good events.

You can slightly improve your reputation with the WAF by selling animals to the foundation or making donations of LOL to it.

Important: if you go too far taking advantage of the Black Market to sell endangered animals, you run the risk of being caught and having your reputation diminished.
It will then cost you 1 000 000 LOL (to be paid in one time) to recuperate 0.5 point.
Example: If you donate 1 000 000 LOL, you recuperate half a point of the maximum reputation. If you donate 2 000 000, you recuperate one whole point, etc.
Selling and Buying Animals The Zones
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