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The Employees

To ensure the proper functioning of your zoo, you need to hire people.

This is the list of employees you can hire:


- Manager: He is in charge of your zoo, expenses, personnel and the transactions on the Black Market.
- Cashiers: The cashiers are in charge of selling tickets.
- Security agents: The security agents ensure that the visitors and the animals in the zoo are secure.
- Cook: The cook has the charge of preparing the food for your animals.
- Veterinarian: The veterinarian takes care of your animals' health and treatment.
- Keepers: The keepers take care of animals on a daily basis. They take care of animals' well-being and health.
- Maintenance agents: The maintenance agents are in charge of cleaning and keeping the zoo facilities in a good condition.
- Landscape gardener: The landscape gardeners are in charge of reproducing the natural environment of the animals as well as possible.
- Shop Assistants: The shop assistants are in charge of supplies and sales in the shops.


For some positions you can have several employees (cashiers, security agents, keepers, maintenance agents), but for some others, you can have only one employee (manager, cook, veterinarian, landscape gardener and shop assistant). It is always very important to improve the skills of your employees.


Advice: A manager specialised in management can boost the efficiency of your employees.

The Skills

Some examples to explain the employees' gauges.

Weak skill Average skill Fair skill Excellent skill

The Trainings

This concrete example shows you what use can be made of a training.

: this employee's skill is blue, that is average.
: the pale yellow zone of the gauge indicates the maximum skill the employee can reach.

Trainings allow an employee to progress up to the maximum limit of the yellow zone.

The progress becomes slower as the skill is getting closer to the maximum limit.
You can see it here. The skill is at maximum and there is no yellow zone in the gauge.

This means it is useless to pay for more trainings for this employee because he cannot make any more progress.
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